Dedicated Server Hosting

The main differences between dedicated server hosting and other forms of hosting services.

Dedicated server hosting is a common type of web hosting service where the client is given full rights and privileges to use particular server. This hosting service is very different from other forms of web hosting options in so many ways. The following are the most common forms of web hosting and how they work.

Shared hosting

This is where a central server is used to support multiple websites, including yours.

Collocated hosting

Here, you will be required to buy your own server but it will be hosted using the facilities of a different web hosting company.

Free hosting

This type of web hosting service is characterised by low connection speed, presence of automatic advertisements on the website and lastly, the site is hosted on a free environment. It is normally suitable for low-priority websites that are created just for fun.

Advantages of dedicated server hosting

This type of web hosting is secure and reliable because it is not shared with other websites. Most companies involved in running large resources that require safety and online stability prefer this type of web hosting because of its suitability. Dedicated server hosting gives you the much-needed independence when managing your website, therefore leading to better customer satisfaction.

Dedicated server hosting like provided at makes it easier for you to customise your server to suit your needs. You will not have to worry about the consequences of your actions on other websites since it is not shared with anyone else. This means that you can freely add applications to boost the security, reliability and efficiency of your website, anytime you want.

Most clients who choose dedicated server hosting services normally get quick support from the web host. On the other hand, clients who choose shared, collocated or free hosting services normally receive slow responses from their web hosts simply because of the congestion caused by the high consumer traffic. Dedicated server hosting is known to be quite expensive but reliable, therefore making it less congested.

Disadvantages of dedicated server hosting

The cost of a dedicated server is the greatest disadvantage of this form of web hosting. Besides, it requires great knowledge of IT and this may not be suitable for administrators who lack such crucial skills. It also means that you will have to hire an IT expert to manage it for you, thus creating extra expenses.

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