Hide IP Address

Learning how and why to hide IP address is essential for computer users. One of the most basic ways to protect your privacy online is to hide IP address. Your IP address is a number given to your computer to identify it. Every time you visit a website your IP address is recorded, creating a situation for possible invasion of your privacy.



In addition to online privacy, sometimes people will change their IP address to trick sites into thinking that their computer is a different one. For example, viewers of the TV shows that let the audience vote can sometimes change the IP address of their computer so they can cast multiple votes for their favorites.

Another reason to change or hide an IP address is to get multiple accounts at a website. Sites like Twitter limit the number of accounts it gives per IP. By using multiple IP addresses it is possible to get more accounts than the website rules allow.

If a user contacts a site too often, he could be banned from that site. For example, many search engine optimization experts will track how their sites rank in Google. This can mean contacting the Google site multiple times in a short period. If you break Google’s daily limit, they will temporarily ban your computer’s IP address. If you hide IP address you can get around Google’s daily limits.

There are a few ways to hide IP address. Two of the most common ways are to use a proxy server and a virtual private network (VPN). Both a proxy server and a VPN hide IP address of your computer by giving it another IP. Generally speaking, the difference between a proxy server and a VPN is that the proxy is browser-based while a VPN works with all Internet related applications. However, the line between the two is blurred and getting more so as time passes and both help hide IP address.

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